What Is Metabloqs? | Cryptoglobe

What Is Metabloqs? | Cryptoglobe

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The evolution of the digital world into metaverses has been a hot topic over the last months to such an extent, that еven Facebook changed its name to Meta to show its commitment to change. A metaverse is a digital reality combining social media, gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, and often crypto assets or other digital payment methods.

Metaverse developments have been coming in on a daily basis, with virtual reality platforms and games already being accessible to the general public. The transition to the Metaverse is being slow, as most proper applications are still being created.

Enter Metabloqs, a metaverse built for people to enjoy their digital lives in a more engaging and satisfactory way with numerous advantages and use cases. Metabloqs is essentially a digital world inspired by the real world, where users can have professional meetings and events, network, get advice, trade and do business with other real people, play games, buy digital assets and virtual land or just hang out.

Understanding Metabloqs

Metabloqs is the next evolutionary step from the 3D eTrain course and event platform, which  has been used by dozens of companies and universities to run events. eTrain was mainly used for network events, conferences, workshops, summits, pitches, and other professional events.

Metabloqs is now moving into a trusted metaverse with numerous purposes and a real digital economy within it. The trusted  metaverse project   is characterized by the fact that the world being built is based on the real one. The first city being created is Paris. The video of the project shows how seamless it will be for users to interact within the metaverse.

Because Metabloqs is modeled on the real world, users can do a variety of things, including owning virtual land, constructing businesses on the metaverse, renting their properties and visiting museums.

The features eTrain already had are being bolstered on Metabloqs. The platform will allow professional meetings and events within its properties, while also making it possible to teach classes and attend courses and integrate Learn to Earn Token Economics.

Not everything is about work, so the virtual world will also include parties, concerts, cinemas, and games. Meeting new people will be a crucial part of the metaverse so the experience will be shared within the trusted community.

The platform is built on top of the sustainable XinFin blockchain, a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network with several advantages that includes a higher transaction throughput – meaning it can handle a significant number of transactions per second – extremely low transaction fees, of around $0.00001 on average,  and low energy consumption thanks to its PoS consensus algorithm.

Becoming a Metabloqs citizen

To incentivize its first 5’000 citizens to move into the platform, Metabloqs is giving away XDC tokens – the native tokens of the XinFin blockchain (top 100 coin ranked on CoinMarketCap) – and giving away non-fungible Metabloqs token rewards. These NFTs are in the form of unique and rare land, buildings and premium cars).You can follow the project on social media, or visit their website to learn more.

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