Blockchain protocol security practice consists of 3 different services that cover all security aspects of custom blockchain implementation: protocol model security review, tokenomics review and protocol implementation security analysis.

The service supposes the use of math methods and symbolic analysis to prove that a system runs smoothly and correctly. Formal verification consists of validation and verification for better results.

We perform analysis based on the expert knowledge of our specialists and issues certificates at the following aspects: Solvency, Liquidity, Cyber Security, and Community

Smart Contract Audit

Security should be top priority

The smart contract audit service includes checks against known vulnerabilities that are relevant to the unique business logic of each smart contract. It also provides verification that the smart contract is free from logical and access control issues and an assessment of compliance with the Basic Code Style guide.

Blockchain Security

Codeum provides a wide range of cybersecurity services for businesses operating in the digital world. Our specialists design best-in-class solutions, focusing on the needs of the client

Codeum will make sure your code is Secure!

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