Top 10 Blockchain and Crypto Events in July

Top 10 Blockchain and Crypto Events in July

Blockchain conferences and events all over the world offer the opportunity to engage with blockchain and related technologies through educational seminars, demos, and speaking sessions. collaboration and networking. For someone who is interested in blockchain or wants to advance a career in it, blockchain events can be an eye opener. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the top cryptocurrency and blockchain events in July.

1. ETH Barcelona

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ETH Barcelona is an upcoming community-driven Ethereum and blockchain-focused event scheduled from 6th to 8th July in Barcelona. The event focuses on imparting education, focusing on innovation, and displaying art within the fold of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The 2022 edition of the event is expected to follow the SolarPunk movement and feature a mix of web3 builders, leaders, thinkers, and artists. The event has numerous sponsors and partners such as Polis Parallela, Shrine House, The DAOist, Cryptoplaza, and others to bring us this event. Sponsors for the event include 1inch Network, Tenderly, and Ripio.

2. HackFS 2022

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HackFS 2022 is one of the most anticipated hackathon events of 2022, organized by ethGlobal and Protocol Labs. It is an event that provides a platform where participating hackers can use a wide variety of composable technologies to build their hacks. Participating hackers will get connected with developers, experts, mentors, sponsors, advocates, and other community members.

3. Ethereum Community Conference

Ethereum Community Conference, Ethereum conference 2022 , Ethereum conference

Ethereum Community Conference is the largest annual Ethereum event in Europe focused on showcasing Ethereum technology and the potential of the community. It is scheduled from July 19-21, 2022 in Paris, France. Attendees will be given an NFT which verifies their identities. The event will feature some great speakers such as HadrienCroubois from OpenZeppelin, Anett Rolikova from Ethereum Magicians, and Lefteris Karapetsas from Rotki.

4. Metaverse Summit

Metaverse Summit, Metaverse Summit 2022

The term Metaverse refers to an expected future version of the Internet that is made up of shared and persistent 3D virtual environments that will integrate with our everyday lives. The Metaverse Summit is one of the biggest Metaverse events which focuses on sharing, learning, and building upon the concept of Metaverse. Scheduled from 16th to 17th July 2022 in Paris, France, the event will focus on advancements in the world of Metaverse, web3, blockchain, and more.

5. ETH Venice

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ETH Venice is an upcoming, seven-day event scheduled from, July 11th to July 17th. Each attendee will be given a Proof of Attendance Protocol or POAP. ETH Venice sets the stage for attendees to enjoy a series of presentations, fireside chats, hackathons, and more. An interesting lineup of the day featuring a detailed explanation of Decentralised finance as well as non-fungible tokens, the start of the Hackathon event, and the roadmap of ETHVenice and its future mission, among other things.

6. BIOTC 2022

BIOTC 2022, BIOTC, 4th Blockchain and Internet of Things Conference

The Conference on Blockchain and the Internet of Things is an upcoming event scheduled for July 8th to July 10th, 2022 in the International Conference Center-Waseda University located in the Central Library of WASEDA University, in Tokyo, Japan. It welcomes authors, presenters and listeners under one platform where they will discuss and talk about all things blockchain. Additionally, the event will give an opportunity for authors to publish their papers on relevant topics, which will be checked and assessed by professionals.

7.  ETH Seattle

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ETH Seattle is an upcoming Ethereum-focused in-person conference, scheduled for July 8th, 2022 at 731 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109. Organized by Dystopia Labs, the event promises to deliver multiple side events, meet-ups, organizing panels, quality time opportunities, and networking opportunities for the Ethereum community. It also focuses greatly on the evaluation of the state of web3 technology.

8. Vietnam Blockchain Summit

The Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022, The Vietnam Blockchain Summit, Vietnam Blockchain Summit, Vietnam Blockchain Summit 2022

The Vietnam Blockchain Summit is an upcoming annual event which is scheduled from July 21st to July 22nd in Hanoi, Vietnam. It aims to attract a multitude of startups, investors, developers, enterprise leaders, financial institutions, researchers, academics, influencers, and blockchain pioneers for a two-day, action-packed expo. It will focus on four main topics, namely Blockchain, DeFi and Fintech, NFTs and Metaverse, and Web3 through 35 sessions.

9. Mallorca Blockchain Days

Mallorca Blockchain Days 2022, Mallorca Blockchain Days,

The Mallorca Blockchain Days is an upcoming crypto event scheduled from July 14-17, 2022 at the GPRO Valparaiso Palace &Spa, Mallorca. It presents the ideal opportunity for newcomers to sharpen their skills and learn from a lineup of amazing speakers including Thomas Voegtlin from Electrum Wallet, Amir Taaki from Anarchist, and Christian Luecke from Mallorca Blockchain.

10. Mining Disrupt 2022

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Mining Disrupt 2022 is one of the world’s biggest Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining expos and conferences. Organized by, the event promises a promising mix of keynote sessions, panel discussions, an exhibit hall, an art gallery, an ASIC museum, and several other educational and recreational activities. The event is described as one of the premier digital asset summits in North America, with an aim to explore enterprise solutions. This is the fourth edition of the highly successful event, which has invited blockchain innovators, disrupters, and professionals from all over the world.

July is all set to be jam-packed with Blockchain and Web3-focused events. It will give interested attendees a glimpse of the future of blockchain, decentralized finance, and the Metaverse, just to name a few.

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