TOKE.N Launches an Ecosystem with NFT, Marketplace and Metaverse –

TOKE.N Launches an Ecosystem with NFT, Marketplace and Metaverse –


Over the course of the past decade, the world has seen a dramatic shift on several fronts, changes that affect millions of people on a daily basis. One of these has been the decreased stigma around marijuana, and the subsequent decriminalization and legalization afterwards. The other is the advent of cryptocurrency. Now, a project emerges that seamlessly links the two, dipping its toes into two burgeoning markets to create a remarkable product. That project is TOKE.N.

Created by the same team as the PICNIC Launchpad, Cheems Inu, MicroMachines / Warbots, and Metavault, Toke.n is the next step in a broad range of projects that will be tied together in a grand plan revealed later in this article. The primary developer, Scotian OG, has years of experience in the real world marijuana industry, and in the past year has built up experience delivering innovative contracts and projects on the blockchain. 

This co-developer and partner, Inked Up, has serious experience delivering coordinated marketing, community organization, and overall project management, and the two have worked together for a long time.

TOKE.N offers multiple services and uses, but its core purpose is to offer a degree of transparency to customers that the new big-cannabis dispensaries and corporations cannot. Additionally (and equally important), it adds value for the cannabis farmers, processors, and retailers. TOKE.N seeks to return the personal nature of black-market cannabis transactions to the consumer, providing traceability, information, and a better overall experience throughout the process. Regardless of whether or not you are a casual consumer or medical patient, TOKE.N aims to restore some of the magic to the cannabis experience.

How will TOKE.N deliver these claims?

First, by using TOKE.N, the consumer will have access to information regarding where the product was farmed, the conditions it grew in, how it was processed, its genetic history, and much more. For a product as comprehensive of an experience as marijuana, people want more than an eye-catching strain name and THC/CBD percentages.

Companies that integrate with TOKE.N will have the ability to issue an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) included with the purchase of their product. This provides the company with an opportunity to directly market their brand, and adds value to the product by pairing it with a unique token that will have utility on the blockchain.

The NFTs

The NFTs available from cannabis packaging will be collectible, tradeable, and sellable. The first generation will consist of cannabis seeds that evolve into fully mature plants. Other collections will feature cannabis culture themed art and music.

For users outside Canada, NFTs can be purchased on our Marketplace or minted from our website. Users can collect sets of all strains from a grower, breeder, or region.

The Marketplace

The TOKE.N site will have both an NFT marketplace as well as a traditional online store.

The online store will provide a wide range of cannabis related paraphernalia and home growing supplies. It will be available internationally and accept TOKE.N and other crypto currencies as payment along with standard fiats.

In Canada there will be a federally licensed online medical cannabis dispensary where consumers with the proper medical documents can legally purchase cannabis and cannabis products from our partners. It is our goal to eventually accept crypto currencies for payment on this site as well.

In the past year, Scotian OG has obtained seven cannabis licenses from Health Canada for third party growers, and we have full confidence in obtaining the proper licensing for the TOKE.N project.

The Metaverse

TOKE.N will be integrated as the primary currency in a VR game called New Block City.

Players will be able to stake their TOKE.Ns and their collected or purchased NFTs on their own virtual farms in a borough of NBC called Agrestic.

The top 50 TOKE.N holders will receive free OG farms when the gaming platform launches.

NFTs will start as seeds and mature over time after the user plants (stakes) them. Seeds have genetic attributes and terpene profiles which affect their growth, yield, and value.

Users can “breed” two NFT seeds into one hybrid plant that will have genetic components of each seed. These hybrids can be more or less valuable then their parents on the marketplace. Each user creation will be unique and provide for varied gameplay over time.

New Block City Integration

NBC is an upcoming play to earn gaming experience. It will take place in a virtual open world city. Players will compete against each other for money, property, power and fame among five unique city boroughs. Successful players will master the New Block City economy and earn real wealth.

The Founders:

Agrestic — TOKE.N

Gotham — Cheems

Hawkins — MMAC

Springfield — MiniKishu

Charming — Picnic / MetaVault

Agrestic (TOKE.N) — Agriculture — The super-crop, hemp, is grown in abundance here. Hemp is used throughout the city for fuel, food, building supplies and medicine. Agrestic residents receive passive income from all legal city activity and TOKE.N is accepted city wide as currency for any transaction.

TOKE.N is not only its own powerful and innovative concept, but it is another step in the rollout of the New Block City metaverse, a crucial component in a cohesive plan. Wait and see what else is coming.


INITIAL SUPPLY 1,000,000,000,000

Presale: 20%

Liquidity: 60%

Burn: 20%

10% tax on all transactions

4% Liquidity Pool

3% Cannabis Start-Up Fund

2% Marketing and Development Fund

1% Burn

Public Presale: Monday, January 10 @ 21:00 UTC

PR Contact:


[email protected]


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