Three Offerings Set to Rock the NEAR Ecosystem and Beyond –

Three Offerings Set to Rock the NEAR Ecosystem and Beyond –

NEAR Protocol is a pretty darn powerful, speedy, low-fee layer-1 blockchain and one of the fiercest Ethereum competitors. NEAR protocol is hosting a myriad of dApps and it is aiming to provide a platform that makes it easy and accessible for developers to build user-friendly solutions that will onboard one billion people into Web3. 

The entire NEAR ecosystem has been the talk of the town for a couple of months now, however, one of the startups built on NEAR, NearPay, seems to be really standing out from the crowd. Today, we’re diving deeper into this amazing product, explaining what exactly put it in the limelight, and its potential to truly become one of the top 10 among more than 1,500 products built on the NEAR ecosystem. 

What Is NearPay?

NearPay is a finance protocol that makes exchanging, managing, and spending cryptocurrencies simple and straightforward for literally everyone. Launched in late 2021 by Kikimora Labs, this startup, which was meant to become the bridge between fiat and crypto worlds, grew to tens of thousands of fans and users in just a couple of months. 

NearPay’s user-friendly array of products makes unlocking the power of crypto technologies just a tap away! Three subproducts, NearPay Wallet, NearPay Card, and NearPay Swap, represent three faces of NearPay. Each is built to help users start using cryptocurrencies for daily transactions just as easily as they use fiat money. 

Now, we’ll break down what each of these three faces represents so you can get an idea of how game-changing they are. 

NearPay Wallet

NearPay Wallet is a feature-packed and intuitive crypto wallet that provides a safe way to dive into the world of cryptocurrencies. It supports 38 currencies, NEAR, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Aurora just to name a few. 

Technology comes with a plethora of bells and whistles, however, on the other hand, it also makes consumers less and less patient. With NearPay, there’s no such thing as waiting. You can exchange funds, buy or sell digital assets, and transfer funds between your bank card and NearPay Wallet in a matter of seconds. 

On top of that, in the near future, NearPay Wallet users will be able to earn up to 15.81% APY (compound rate) on their crypto. Not only will they earn more but they’ll be able to withdraw earnings anytime. The best thing of all? You need as little as €10 to start using NearPay Wallet. 

NearPay Card

Using NearPay Card, crypto owners can pay for goods and services the same way they would with a bank card. Any supported crypto can easily be converted to fiat and spent at any merchant accepting Visa cards.

NearPay Card comes in two forms – a virtual card that you can easily top up and start using right away after registration and a physical card (coming soon) that allows the withdrawal of funds from almost any ATM machine. 

What’s really lovely about that NearPay Card is that it comes with a web and mobile app that makes it a breeze to track how much you’ve been spending, freeze the card in case you get robbed or simply lose it, and more. 

NearPay Swap

NearPay and fast, secure, easy, and low-free transactions go hand in hand. NearPay Swap allows buying and selling crypto assets in a split second. It supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies and over 25 fiat currencies, and can be used in 55+ countries worldwide. 

However, the most trailblazing thing about NearPay Swap is that it allows businesses to integrate its crypto on-ramp solution. In other words, it makes it a no-brainer for crypto businesses to multiply their income streams from fiat customers by simply using the NearPay Swap widget on their website. 

This specific startup – NearPay, can truly be one of the driving forces of the mass adoption of crypto since it simplifies using cryptocurrencies for both individuals and businesses. 

NearPay Swap is a great fit for many eCommerce businesses, dApps, exchanges, and NFT marketplaces out there. What is more, this widget allows customers to top up their balance directly from your website or even buy NFTs, again, from your website. 

Even peeps with very little tech knowledge can easily integrate the widget onto their website by writing a few lines of code. Passing the KYC and KYB procedures doesn’t take much time, either, while fiat to crypto transactions get processed in an instant. 

Once you’ve added the widget to the website and passed the KYB procedure, you can access the merchant dashboard and get insights about your total crypto revenue and the number of customers as well as your revenue and number of customers for the past 30 days. 


In order to onboard more people in Web3, we should make sure that newbies in this space can have a smooth crypto experience from the very first day. After all, it all begins with crypto. NearPay is definitely one of the most promising startups built on the NEAR protocol. Buying, earning, and spending crypto has never been more convenient, all thanks to NearPay. 

Each of the three products that we talked about today serves a greater purpose of making cryptocurrencies easily accessible to everyone, from regular people to businesses and crypto transactions smooth, fast, secure, and affordable. 

As we already mentioned, NEAR is on a mission to onboard 1 billion people to Web3, and everything about NearPay is perfectly aligned with this mission since, although very innovative, it still offers the simplicity and flexibility that’s much needed from the perspective of a regular, non-tech user. If you’d want to give NearPay a go, sign up via this link. 

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