The Launch Of The Loyal Dog Rewarding Average People Soon –

The Launch Of The Loyal Dog Rewarding Average People Soon –

Sincere Doge, which plans to launch in Feb 2022, is a decentralized meme coin built on the innovative Binance Smart Chain to bring the crypto world to ordinary people. Moreover, sincere Doge plans to impress its community as it has learned more tricks and modifications from another meme coin to enhance its transactions speed and acceptance.

The project has been created by fans of all meme Dogecoin communities with a vision to reward ordinary people as it saves the Doge in need. It rewards its holders as sincere dogecoins get automatically added to your wallet on each transaction. Moreover, the team has designed it to offer long-term rewards to its holders. Since the team built it on BSC, Sincere Doge brings the most revolutionary mechanism as it provides transparency and fairness to its community.

SincereDoge Operations

Sincere Doge is a decentralized meme coin driven by the support of its fans. It encourages open communication among its enthusiasts and believes trust and transparency are the key driving force in building a community’s longevity. 

The project aims to create a token that features speedy transactions and an appealing setup for its community. Moreover, it draws its inspiration from the movie HACHI. Sincere Doge leans on three main pillars that develop its community and longevity. The pillars are as follows;


For a successful maneuver, there must be utmost trust between the participants in the cryptocurrency world. The trust runs in the community alone and the development of security platforms. Sincere Doge has undergone security audits by Solidproof to ensure security is paramount on the LP tokens, eliminating the possibility of a rug pull.


Transparency as a value helps much in the growth of any business. It is considered a cornerstone in the crypto world; hence, Sincere Doge embraces the matter to the maximum in creating lasting trust among the community.


The third pillar is community. SincereDoge is decentralized; hence control and decision making on the project is not caused by a central entity, in this case, founders. Instead, the project runs through the community of enthusiasts who make significant decisions. 

A well-fostered community of users builds more token awareness, nurtures brand loyalty, and provides feedback that the team can use to improve the project. In turn, SincereDoge provides fairness and transparency to the community.

Sincere Doge KYC and Audit

Due to increased market scams, several projects now undergo audits to reassure interested parties that their investments are safe. German-based security audit platform Solidproof oversaw Sincere Doge’s KYC and audit procedures to guarantee the community’s trust. Thus, crypto enthusiasts have an assurance that the project is extreme right from the beginning.

The $SDOGE token

$SDOGE is the native token of Sincere Doge, with a total supply of 100,000,000,000,000,000 tokens. Its token distribution is straightforward and only divides the system’s liquidity, at 40%, and the presale, at 60%. Meanwhile, the team claims to have no tokens.

As for the tax mechanism, each transaction has an 8% tax. The project further breaks it down as 2% for $SDOGE reflection, 3% for marketing, and 3% for NFTs development.

Sincere Doge Presale

Sincere Doge hosted a presale event this month to attain a hard cap of 300BNB. I BNB was set to earn an investor 203T $SDOGE tokens for the presale. Furthermore, the project set the maximum spending that an account could spend at 0.8BNB.

As of now, $SDOGE is live on both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.The project has set the listing price at 183T $SDOGE tokens, a BNB. After the presale, the project has burned 1800BNB, which accounts for 13% of the total tokens available. Notably, the number of holders has reached more than 20,000, which is still rising. Note that this is the official contract address for Sincere Doge; 0x686c626E48bfC5DC98a30a9992897766fed4Abd3

SincereDoge Roadmap Details

The project’s team has categorized the roadmap into four phases. The first phase took place in the fourth quarter of 2021. The team set up the official Sincere Doge website and released the first whitepaper. In addition, there was also the launch of the first marketing campaigns on social media.

The second phase encompasses the first quarter of 2022. Here, the team planned to deploy smart contracts. There was also a KYC and audit development that SolidProof has already done. The team also aimed for a Pancake, CoinGecko, and CoinMarketCap listing, which it has already achieved. Lastly, the team set the number of holders by Q1 of 2022 as 5,000.

The third phase, set for Q2 of 2022, has an even more ambitious goal. He anticipates 100,000 token holders and the launch of the SincereDogeSwap. The first charity donations will also begin, and then the listing on Coinsbit will start.

Finally, in Q3 of 2022, the last phase will involve the Sincere Doge NFT launch. The team will also apply for CoinBase listing and make the first donation for an animal sanctuary project. Lastly, the team hopes to achieve a 1T market cap.

Author’s Take

As the meme coin market niche grows and folks launch more projects, standing out in a crowded market is crucial as a new project. The new upcoming projects such as Sincere Doge bring new features and usability cases to emerge in the space.Sincere Doge has positioned itself as a “social experiment” aiming to hold its space in the meme coin sphere in the long term. As it keeps evolving and introducing new features, as stated in the roadmap, it could emerge to top other meme coins. However, it is just speculation, considering the high crypto volatility.

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