KLAYMETA Releases Brand New Adventure Mode –

KLAYMETA Releases Brand New Adventure Mode –

The crypto gaming model is constantly evolving. Many projects are seen transitioning from a Play-to-Earn model to a Play-and-Earn model as their player base demands a focus on gameplay, not earning potential. However, not many projects are expanding the game’s gameplay to entice users to ‘play’ in the first place. Although the gaming revolution began over 40 years ago, true gamers still only care about one thing: The gameplay, and that’s precisely the mindset that KLAYMETA adopted when the game was in development. 

KLAYMETA is a Play-to-Earn game with Metaverse and NFT integration built by famous Korean video game developer Natris. Currently running on the Klaytn blockchain, KLAYMETA is planning to switch chains to BNB Chain in the coming months, as it anticipates the masses of the growing crypto gaming scene. Before that switch, they released constant updates such as Avatar skills, with their most recent being their newest game mode: Adventure.

Do you have what it takes to complete their Adventure mode? Let’s find out.

What is Adventure Mode?

Adventure mode is KLAYMETAs second game mode, following META Quests successes. Similar to META Quest, Avatars get summoned into a progressively complex world, up to five in each Adventure.

Each difficulty level comes with unique challenges, constantly testing the limits of the summoned avatars. The five difficulty levels are listed below:

  • D Rank

  • C Rank

  • B Rank

  • A Rank

  • S Rank

Completion of a level requires you to meet all the right conditions inside Adventure mode, such as activating a particular unique ability or summoning specific Avatar classes. Find a complete list in their whitepaper.

Too challenging to progress to the next level? You can always create a new Adventure to try again, but that’ll cost you some $META, KLAYMETAs native token. You can try again using their ‘Reroll’ function.

Rerolls at different difficulty levels cost different amounts of $META. D Rank will cost you 5 $META, whilst S Rank will cost you 50. Their team said current crypto games lack a challenge, which is precisely what Adventure mode brings.

Adding a cost to Reroll will make a competitive and challenging game mode and act as a deflationary mechanism for the $META economy, desperately needed in Play-to-Earn games.

Avatars and Rewards

Core to all game modes in KLAYMETA is their unique avatars. Summoned with up to 2,100 different combinations such as:

  • Armour

  • Background

  • Element

  • Class

The stronger the Avatar that meets the conditions, the higher the rewards. It’s simple. The main reward from Adventures is MetaPoints, their in-game currency, which can be converted into $META; that’s where the ‘earn’ comes in, but never before the play!

Alternatively, you have a multitude of more unique rewards such as:

  • Seed of Vitality: To renew your Avatars life

  • Crystal of Saint: Make your Avatar holy

  • Thread of Magic: Ability – Unknown 

The higher you climb the adventure ranks, the more rewards you will receive and the more common they will become. Bringing MMORPG-like reward elements into their game was a key feature the KLAYMETA team wanted to be implemented.

Join the Play-and-Earn Party

To get a taste of how crypto gaming projects should set up their economy and gameplay, you can’t miss KLAYMETAs adventure mode.

To summon your own unique Avatar, you can head to the summoning page, where you can purchase your first $META and summon a randomly generated Avatar. Maybe you’ll get lucky and summon exactly who you wanted! If not, you can always sell it and buy your ultimate Avatar on their marketplace. 

Their Telegram and Discord channel are always buzzing with activity and unique avatar sales, so hop on board, summon your Avatar, and get ready to take on the new adventure game mode!

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