HJHRE Announces HJH Investments’ Q3 2022 Financial Results –

HJHRE Announces HJH Investments’ Q3 2022 Financial Results –

HJH REAL Token (HJHRE), a tracking token designed to monitor and derive its value from the profitability of HJH Investments’ real estate portfolio, today announced its Q3 2022 financial results. Subsequently, it hosted a mining event of 3,451,218.65 tokens at the Proof of Volume price of $0.9561840. This mining event brings the total number of HJHRE tokens in circulation to 480,550,908.46.

HJHRE mining events occur quarterly, contingent upon HJH Investments acquiring additional real estate assets. The value of purchased assets is calculated at the end of each quarter, directly influencing the number of tokens to be mined. This process is detailed in the token’s whitepaper and on its website.

Q3 2022 Results

  • As of November 1, 2022, the Forecasted Net Operating Income for all of HJH Investments’ real estate assets totaled $32,188,276.73, as calculated for the 12 months between October 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023.
  • In the third quarter of 2022, HJH Investments conducted $3,300,000.00 in acquisition activity. 
  • Using the Proof of Volume price on October 1, 2022, of $0.9561840, HJH Investments mined a total of 3,451,218.65 tokens.
  • Detailed quarterly reports are available at hjhrealtoken.com.

About HJH REAL Token

HJH Real launched on SushiSwap and Uniswap on March 31, 2022, with a maximum token supply of 1.2 billion units. As a tracking token for HJH Investments’ real estate holdings, HJHRE aims to integrate characteristics of the stock market, real estate, and ETFs using cryptocurrency. 

The project utilizes a dual-pricing system to employ a robust tracking mechanism. It involves the Real Estate Asset and Income (REAI), which is a Price-to-Earnings logic applied to the real estate industry. The second formula is a Proof-of-Volume (POV) calculation that divides a well-researched statistical coefficient (i.e., 5,764,801) by the total HJRE exchanged or gifted on the market. Buyers should know that buying HJHRE is not an investment in HJH Investments’ real estate assets. 

About HJH Investments

HJH Investments is a Kansas-based commercial real estate syndication firm with a real estate portfolio of over $500+ Million. To date, HJH has acquired more than 80 properties. The company primarily procures properties in the Midwestern and Southeastern markets of the United States. Visit hjhinvestments.com for more information.

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