Goldman Sachs Working on Offering OTC Bilateral Crypto Options

Goldman Sachs Working on Offering OTC Bilateral Crypto Options

Wall Street banking giant Goldman Sachs is looking to further expand its crypto derivatives offerings. As per the Bloomberg report, Goldman is currently looking to explore over-the-counter bilateral crypto options.

This will make Goldman one of the first Wall Street giants to offer a wider range of crypto derivatives to institutional clients. These bilateral options basically allow the customization of trades so that crypto holders such as hedge funds as well as Bitcoin miners can hedge risks or boost yields.

The crypto options market is still in its early stage and dominated by a few players such as Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd and Genesis Global Trading Ltd. On the other hand, Goldman already holds some experience in offering crypto derivative products as it has already offered BTC and ETH futures and options since the last year.

Interestingly, the news comes on the day as the Biden government signs the crypto executive order taking an accommodative stand on crypto assets. Furthermore, Andrei Kazantsev, Goldman’s global head of crypto trading, said last December that the bank is seeing increasing demand for crypto derivative-type hedging.

Goldman Sachs to Offer ETH Funds to Clients

In other news, Goldman Sachs has filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for offering Ether (ETH) funds to institutional clients via Galaxy Digital.

The amended Form D filing shows that “Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC will receive an introduction fee” for offering the ETH funds to clients.

So far, the Galaxy Institutional Ethereum Fund has sold more than $50 million to over 28 institutional clients. The minimum investment for the fund is currently at $250,000.

The recent accommodative stand by the U.S. government will encourage institutional players to join the crypto space. Besides, some regulations in this industry will provide a safe environment for these institutions. Thus, we can expect more liquidity to come to crypto going ahead.


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