FlokiChain Announces Futuristic and User-Friendly Applications for Humankind –

FlokiChain Announces Futuristic and User-Friendly Applications for Humankind –

The FlokiChain team is pleased to announce the release of a user-friendly and futuristic application that will benefit humankind, especially, $FC investors. The application was built on Binance Smart Chain.

The decentralized ecosystem offers a long chain of supporting utilities such as auto-staking, FlokiPocket, FloSwap, and Portfolio Tracker, and several other future benefits.  

According to the team, FlokiChain is an ecosystem where token holders are guaranteed enormous earnings. The chain of utilities on offer will make it worthwhile for investors shortly.

Through engaging decentralized applications (dApps), the ecosystem aims to give its customers and investors a unique and the best user experience.

FlokiChain Marketplace

Among the decentralized ecosystem’s several incentives is a marketplace. Here, FlokiChain showcases the best Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that investors can purchase with cryptocurrency. Investors who are passionate about NFTs can look forward to a great future on the platform.

FlokiChain Auto-Staking

Another money-making opportunity on the platform is digital assets staking. Users can stake their digital assets for a profit on the platform. FlokiChain offers an auto-stake feature that makes it super easy for holders to stake their assets conveniently.

Buy the $FC token and hold it in your wallet. The feature will handle the staking so you can earn interest on your asset.


With holders’ assets’ security as its primary concern, FlokiChain rolls out FlokiPocket, a web3 non-custodial wallet, to give users absolute control over their assets. It is one of the most secured and user-friendly wallets to store your cryptocurrency and be assured of its security.


The team promises its FlokiChain users a seamless cryptocurrency trading experience through its decentralized exchange (DEX), FloSwap. With the exchange, users can trade their funds directly without the stress of going through an intermediary.

Through FloSwap, users can also create secure liquidity pools effortlessly.


Low Tax

FlokiChain charges a competitive tax on all transactions. Its buy and sell taxes of 6% are affordable for all users. Redistribution and marketing taxes are also competitive at 3%.

Token Sales

  • Total     amount of tokens: 100,000,000


  • Number     of tokens for sale: 55,000,000 FC.


  • Accepted     cryptocurrency: BNB.    


  • Minimum     transaction amount: no minimum buy.    

Token Allocation

The team announced that it will launch the decentralized ecosystem on PancakeSwap in 2nd week of October, 2022.

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Media Contact:

Name: Cole Lebanc

Email Address: [email protected] 

Website: https://flokichain.app  

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