Flickto and Proof of Africa (PoA) partner to enable Web 3.0 in Africa

Flickto and Proof of Africa (PoA) partner to enable Web 3.0 in Africa

With the emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrencies within the last few years, services are being provided to underserved communities and cultures worldwide. This innovative technology facilitates the ability of cross-collaboration in a decentralized manner, which provides opportunities for individuals who are often neglected. Cardano has begun work to provide women in Africa with opportunities that allow them to gain the capabilities needed to help them thrive in such a competitive and daunting environment. 

Flickto has decided to walk in the footsteps of the Cardano visionary (Charles Hoskinson) and partner with Proof of Africa. PoA, aims to identify talented individuals and provide them the necessary education and mentorship that will enable them to perform at high levels when it comes to building blockchains. They aim to give these individuals guidance and training in this sector that will allow them to provide substantially high-level work and assistance for startups, businesses, and projects around the world. Those who participate in this revolutionary program will be provided with ministration, that can assist in bridging the developer’s skill gap that is prevalent today in Africa. 

Flickto’s mission of representing those from underserved communities and providing them with a platform where they can showcase their innate abilities aligns perfectly with that of PoA, which was a key driving force behind establishing this partnership. As Flickto continues to build as a project their goal to decentralize media and diminish high barriers left in place by centralized media entities is starting to become a reality. This long-term relationship will see Flickto and PoA exchange value in every way possible. Whilst PoA can assist in bolstering up the technological side of the Flickto project, Flickto can provide PoA with beneficial consultancy as well as phenomenal marketing and business consultancy. 

In addition to this Flickto will be making the $FLICK token accessible to the PoA stake pool. This initiative will provide those who stake in the PoA pool to be eligible to receive prestigious $FLICK tokens

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