‘Experience of Using DEXes on Cardano Is 100x Better Than on Ethereum’, Says Celsius Exec

‘Experience of Using DEXes on Cardano Is 100x Better Than on Ethereum’, Says Celsius Exec


On Thursday (June 2), Vanessa Harris, Group Product Manager at crypto lending and borrowing platform Celsius Network, said that when it comes to decentralized exchanges (DEXes), those powered by Cardano offer a 100x better user experience.

Yesterday, Harris, who also has many years of product management at Microsoft and Google, and who was only speaking for herself and not her current employer, sent out the following tweet:

When the owner/operator of the “CARDNAOFANS” staking pool asked her what were the reasons for making this claim, she replied that found the “end to end experience” of the top DEXes on Cardano (e.g. Minswap) better than the top DEXes on Ethereum (e.g. Uniswap), but she recognized that there are a much wider ranger of DeFi DApps available for Ethereum.

This comment about Cardano-powered DEXes by Harris was very different from what crypto influencer Ran Neuner, who is the host of the YouTube show “Crypto Banter”, said on May 5, when he shocked the crypto community by claiming that “we don’t even have a working DEX on Cardano.”

In a video (titled: “73% Of These Altcoins Will Go To Zero!”) released on his popular YouTube channel, Neuner looked at the top 20 cryptoassets and expressed his assessment of each in order to predict which ones would remain in the top 20 during the next five years.

This is what he Neuner had to say about Cardano ($ADA):

I think Cardano is amazing technology. I like Charles a lot. I think he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met…

I think Cardano has two problems.Their time to launch is taking too long, and as a result, they’re not getting any of the amazing adoption all the other blockchains are getting. Also, I think too much around Cardano is centered around IOHK and Charles. I think too much of the VC funding is centered around IOHK and Charles, and I prefer blockchains where there are multiple investors with multiple funds that are looking to deploy a lot of money into an ecosystem.

I do hold a Cardano bag — I’ve got to be honest — but it’s not one my biggest bags. And I would like to see much more VC interest. I’d like to the protocol launch properly because we don’t even have a working DEX on Cardano and then we can have another discussion.

Until then, I think Cardano is yet to stay because I think Charles himself can fund it for the next five years, but I don’t think it’s going to be a top 20 coin. That’s what I think. I’m being really honest. I know you guys are gonna cut this up and meme it up with my bad voice, but I’m being pretty honest.

The following day, IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson responsed by tweeting a short video clip mocking Neuner’s claim:

After getting attacked by many Cardano fans who correctly pointed out to him that Cardano had several great DEXes, Neuner issued the following apology:


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