Cango Reveals Cross-Chain Super Aggregator for Stablecoins and Native Tokens –

Cango Reveals Cross-Chain Super Aggregator for Stablecoins and Native Tokens –, a community-oriented protocol, has revealed a decentralized super aggregator making cross-chain swaps more accessible. The project supports swaps of native tokens and stablecoins across different chains.

Cango relies on combining the aggregation of interoperability protocols with DEXs to enable simple and efficient cross-chain transactions.

Users can directly interact with the interface to initiate a cross-swap of stablecoins or native tokens across networks. For example, users can find the best rate to swap BNB on the BNB Chain for MATIC on Polygon. Cango searches for the best possible routes and then presents users with a single executable transaction. From there, users can go cross-chain in a click of a button.

Cango achieves ‘super aggregation’ by querying the prices of leading DEX aggregators like 1inch and Paraswap in order to find the best rates for users. The platform can also split transactions across various sources to consistently provide the lowest prices and gas costs.

About Cango

Cango is a decentralized aggregator seeking to increase the accessibility of efficient cross-chain transactions through user-driven design. Its developers believe that the space needs a stronger application layer to support the growth of a multichain ecosystem. They plan to make Cango a leading project that can enable the next generation of users to explore new chains.For more information about Cango, please follow the links: Website | Twitter | Discord|

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