Businesses can launch a branded payment card linked offers app in just 4 weeks –

Businesses can launch a branded payment card linked offers app in just 4 weeks –


Enigmatic smile gives businesses the opportunity to launch their own branded payment card linked offers app in just 4 weeks,Works with every payment card brand.  All customers enjoy PCI level 1 security and GDPR compliance as standard.3X more earning and redemption opportunities than any other solution. 

Enigmatic smile gives businesses the opportunity to launch their own branded card linked customer loyalty app in under a month! Whether you are an organisation with subscription base, such as a gym group or cinema chain; or if you are a card issuer, retailer, insurance company or newspaper, Enigmatic smile has you covered.

Enigmatic smile provides branded iOS and Android native apps, already loaded with thousands of card linked offers for your customers and employees. They will collect rewards at locations all around the world without doing anything more than securely adding their payment card, and spending like they normally do. 

There are no clumsy coupons or complicated websites required, and theres no need to change any pre-existing behaviours. Your customers and employees simply collect v$,v€ or v£ (dependent on where you are based) and then redeem each v$,v€ or v£ as $1 off, €1 off  or £1 off against all major retailer gift cards. They can also claim up to 100% off millions of hotels and nearly every flight in the world, and swap for cryptocurrency if they prefer. 

To get going Enigmatic Smile representatives will meet your team on Zoom and conduct an initial no obligation consultation. Their designers provide mock ups of what your app could look like within 3 working days. 

Your customers and employees will be charged $1, €1 or £1 upon registering their card (based on where you operate). This small charge helps Enigmatic Smile eliminate card fraud and keep your customers secure, by ensuring the card that is registered actually belongs to them. Instantly however, your customers receive v$1, v€1 or v£1 back, meaning it doesnt cost them a penny to start saving. Because your employees and customers can collect cashback on everything from Supermarkets and coffee shops to online marketplaces and taxi services, saving $100 each month is not difficult at all. Power users can save over $3000 a year.

Sales director Stephen Walsh was quoted as saying:

“There are, of course, many solutions for engaging customers and employees. However, after extensive research our teams concluded Enigmatic Smile’s branded apps are hands down the easiest, smartest solution available. More over they are free to organisations who can onboard 50,000 end users / customers.”

After you’ve agreed your app design, your account manager will allocate technical resource and Enigmatic Smile sets to work, building your organisation’s bespoke apps, on top of their industry leading tech.

All apps are deployed to your own iOS and Android app store accounts so you have full control, and bespoke content can be added if you require it.  Larger organisations can alternatively add all card linking technology and content directly into their existing apps and websites.

Offering your staff and customers this incredible savings product, is particularly poignant when worldwide inflation wreaks havoc across the globe.  Consumers have never been in greater need of a way to save money, not only on everyday essentials but also on those little extras that make life worth living.  Enigmatic Smile offers organisations a way for both customers and staff to keep those little luxuries without breaking the bank!

If you are interested in developing your own branded app then please visit  to find out more or email [email protected]

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