Binance NFT announces first sales round of The Age of Gangs P2E Game on its marketplace

Binance NFT announces first sales round of The Age of Gangs P2E Game on its marketplace

GENTLEMEN ALSO KNOW HOW TO FIGHT is the slogan of The Age of Gangs ( – a dynamic P2E team brawler game with metaverse integration. The project is preparing for the first round of the mint, the release of the collection on BSC blockchain was announced on the Binance marketplace on July 4th.

The setting of the collection and the game takes us to the streets of London 30 years later, mired in anarchy and lawlessness, the city is ruled by mafia gangs. To become the best, you will have to gather your gang bit by bit and fight to the top of dominance in the city.

Built on the Unity engine, the game is a PvE/PvP third-person team brawler. At first, 12 heroes with a set of unique skills will be available to the players to fight. Users will be able to take part in PvP duels in the big arena, complete PvE quests, trade, recruit new members to their formations and expand their territorial holdings. The game will be released on PC and Android/IOS platforms.

The team also shared a roadmap for the upcoming year.

In addition, the classic NFT staking program will be implemented in the future for early adopters

The upcoming mint will include 2,000 unique thug skins made up of 5 random parts: torso, head, costume, weapons, and accessories. The collection has a three-level rarity. The price of one NFT will be $89. All subsequent rounds of mints imply an increase in the price of the sale.

In the remaining 10 days before the mint of the collection (, the team will hold several AMA sessions, and the discord channel will host mass events aimed at building a core community

Despite the fact that the first round of release of the collection is still ahead, the development team is already ready to demonstrate a working demo of the game with two characters to choose from. The proceeds from mint will be aimed at further development.

At the moment, the team is actively sharing details about the game, dropping sneak peeks on their Twitter and discord. The most active users will be able to try themselves in a test fight, but they will have to obtain an OG role in the discord community first.

By the way, roles are in full swing right now!

About The Age of Gangs

The Age of Gangs is a dynamic play-to-earn team brawler game with metaverse integration on Binance Smart Chain, listed on Binance NFT.

It introduces players to criminal post-apocalyptic London in the near future, where they can do a variety of activities: fast-paced PvP matches, strategic world missions, earning in-game currency to create unique and effective characters, and even world tournaments.

 Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

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