Best Crypto Faucets in 2022: Top 15 Picks

Best Crypto Faucets in 2022: Top 15 Picks

These days, cryptocurrency faucets are used by more experienced traders and investors who want to spend some of their funds on fun stuff or trading. If you are also after some crypto rewards, these websites and platforms will come in handy for you.

Best Crypto Faucets in 2022: Top 15 Picks

If you don’t want to waste time on useless sites and applications, we have compiled the list of best bitcoin faucet platforms for you that actually pay in 2022.

Here is our list of the Best Crypto Faucets for 2022:

1. Tamadoge Crypto Faucets

This meme coin, the base of Tamadoge, can help a lucky winner to grab $100,000 tokens with $100 or more Tama coins in his wallet. There are fun-to-play games and NFT ownership features that offer true utility and value to the members.Tamadoge Crypto Faucets

2. Lucky Block

If you are after huge jackpot prizes from a blockchain project, Lucky Block is an attractive choice for you. Running on smart contracts, Lucky Block has emerged as one of the best lottery spaces this year. For the betterment of the community, 10% of the regular jackpot is spent on charity programs.

Lucky Block

3. Battle Infinity

A gaming platform with gigantic giveaways would be awesome, and Battle Infinity is among the best crypto faucets 2022. With a native IBAT token, Battle Infinity currently has a $3000 airdrop. There are some fantasy player leagues, too, for game enthusiasts.

Battle Infinity

4. FireFaucet

For a diversified portfolio, FireFaucet is a great choice as it supports more than 12 digital coins. There are ranks for the users, and higher ranks will get you better rewards. Daily challenges are also attractive addition for regular users who want to earn a little extra.


5. Bitcoinker

Who does not love to be a member of the highest paying best cryptocurrency faucets? Luckily, Bitcoinker offers up to 120 times rewards every day. There is a catch, as this platform only pays in satoshis, and you need almost 100 million Satoshis to earn one BTC.


6. CoinPayu

With support for 15 digital coins, CoinPayu is one of the best crypto faucets 2022. It also offers rewards in the form of satoshis. Earned satoshis can be converted to any other coin of your choice at the time of withdrawal.


7. FreeBitcoin

On our crypto faucet list, the next entry is FreeBitcoin, which can help you grab up to $200 worth of BTC by playing different games on the platform. There are some other challenges and features that can help you to earn more bitcoin rewards. Users like this platform for Bitcoin especially.



Beginners may find a little bit difficult to understand, but some features are quite in favor of the users. is among the few best bitcoin faucets that serve as miners and exchanges too. From playing games to watching ads, there are different ways to earn rewards here.

9. Cointiply

Some of the popular ways to earn rewards on Cointiply include watching videos, playing games, completing surveys, and taking part in challenges. Like premium cryptocurrency faucets, there is no limit on how many rewards you can collect in a limited time at Cointiply.


10. FaucetCrypto

Evert 25 minutes, FaucetCrypto gives you opportunities to win rewards in more than 20 different cryptocurrencies. With every reward you collect, this best crypto faucet will increase your rank. Users at the higher ranks can claim bigger rewards.


11. Robinhood

The aim of the best crypto faucets is to make earning and investing in cryptocurrency easier for users and investors. By completing easy and small tasks, you can claim different bitcoin rewards. These tasks may include watching videos or clicking on paid ads.


12. Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is an amazing cryptocurrency faucet that pays you rewards for simple tasks and the referrals that you make to bring other users to the platform. You may be asked to play video games or engage in social media posts, and you will be paid instantly for the earned rewards.

Moon Bitcoin

13. BTC Clicks

Sometimes you don’t want to get involved in technical stuff offered at best crypto faucets 2022. So, BTC Clicks offers easy rewards for viewing movies and videos. Every 30 minutes, you will be paid 0.00000220 to 0.00000050 bitcoin for watching video content on the site.

BTC Clicks

14. BlockFi

The minimum withdrawal limit is $100, but you can earn rewards by completing simple and quick tasks. Conducting surveys and watching videos will take just a few minutes, and if you are a regular user of the site, you might earn handsome amounts.


15. Bitcoin Aliens

This site can pay you 100 to 5000 satoshis for different tasks listed on the website. Apart from offering the highest reward rate, Bitcoin Aliens does not have any minimum withdrawal limit like other best crypto faucets.

Bitcoin Aliens


A cryptocurrency is a new form of money by its own nature, so it’s no surprise that the value of Bitcoin itself can be in the sky. However, being one of the most valuable assets in the market, it must also have rewards, and the best crypto faucets 2022 are here to make things a little easier.

Best Crypto Faucets in 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Crypto Faucet?

Cryptocurrency faucets are platforms that allow users to earn free digital currencies in the form of satoshis, bitcoins, litecoins, and other altcoins.

How Do Crypto Faucets Work?

Best cryptocurrency faucets are platforms that work on a micro reward system, where each user receives rewards after completing small tasks required by the faucet. Each task is referred to as a claim.

How Profitable Are Crypto Faucets?

Every time you claim a reward, you get to grab a little bit of the digital currency, and this can give you a great head start over other people who are not as knowledgeable about these systems. For this reason, crypto faucets are quite profitable for regular members.

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