Optimism Towards The SAND Token

Optimism Towards The SAND Token

The Sandbox token known by the symbol $SAND is a virtual world utility token. It is used in the Sandbox virtual gaming platform. The virtual world is a platform where people can construct, possess, and make money from their gaming experiences using either NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or $SAND. 

The virtual world by Sandbox consists of digital pieces of real estate where players can develop NFTs, and mint them to the marketplace to make money for themselves. 

You might be new to the Metaverse world and not be sure if SAND is a safe investment for you in 2022. Worry no more, this article is meant to tell you everything you need to know about Sandbox, why you should invest in it for the long-term, and building a bullish/long position into 2027 for the next impulse wave. 

Before we talk about them, let’s take a look at the history of Sandbox token before we get into SAND Price Prediction.

Sandbox History: The Inception story

The Sandbox project was launched in 2012 and was first used on mobile platforms. From 2012 till the present, the project has gotten over 40 million installs from people all around the world. In January 2018, the Sandbox developers devised another means by creating a gaming platform to captivate those who are interested in crypto gaming and those who aren’t. This was executed by offering incentives such as genuine ownership and monetary policies. 

Research shows that, over the years, the project has acquired $3.41M from investors such as Hashed, True Global Ventures, and Square Enix. The project developers have also partnered with over 60 brands such as Dapper labs, smurfs, dApp games, etc. All these are proof that the project is one with a great prospect.

 Market Size, Idea Validation, and the future of the Sandbox project 

There are different projects in the Cryptocurrency market, and most of them promise incredible benefits to investors and potential investors. However, the sandbox project managers need to analyze the market and identify a unique mechanism for the project. This will make the project’s market penetration easier and make it sustainable going forward. 

According to Coinmarketcap, the current market capitalization of Sandbox tokens is around $1,624,659,982.37 and the fully diluted market capitalization is $3,970,527,092.95 which is a proof that there are enough Sandbox tokens in circulation. 

Fundamental Analysis 

The Sandbox token was launched to allow players to play, create, own, and trade within the Sandbox Virtual gaming platform. At launch, the initial supply of the sandbox token was 560 million. 37.82% was given to the founders and project managers, while 21.18% was given to investors. The remaining 41% was burned to increase yield. The Token is used as a medium of exchange, governance, and staking on the sandbox platform.

SAND  Price Prediction 2022

A lot has happened since the SANDBOX token SAND increased by about 95000%, an astronomical feat that is unheard of in traditional markets. Starting from 01 August ’20, the SAND token of a Metaverse project SANDBOX grew went parabolic and closed with a bullish Marubozu candlestick pattern, followed by an immediate price correction.

The current correction phase which has so far dipped by roughly 87% is the longest seen by the SAN token and we believe that it would yield the highest profit as it rises from the ashes like a Phoenix. A regular bearish divergence alongside an inside-bar candlestick pattern at the close of November and December ’21 served as early warning signals for an end to the earlier impulse wave.

We predict a prolonged crypto winter into the end of 2022 would find support for the SANDUSDT at the 01 June ’21 support and resistance at 0.1466 and 0.3700. While an earlier price slowing could find support at 01 September ’21 support (0.5799) and 01 June ’21 support (0.1466) respectively.

We’ll follow an entry and exit of the RSI (4) level-25 to time the price bottoming on the monthly time frame towards the end or before 2022 as shown on the annotated chart above.

Sandbox Price Prediction 2023

In anticipation of a hidden bullish divergence, we also project a Wave-B pattern as part of the ABC correction of the Elliot wave pattern with a target at $4.8658 on the same monthly time frame and a minimum price level at $0.370.

SAND Prediction for the Next 5 Years

The Metaverse is a rapidly growing space with innovative solutions and we believe this sector of the digital asset market would have hit a remarkable milestone in 2027 with the SANDBOX as a major player in the space. With that said, we expect the correction wave ABC of the Elliot wave pattern to have completed in two years max and usher in the start of a new impulse wave into the end of 2027 where we predict a price rise to the $83.5972 (Fib-level 3.618) and $402.2869 (Fib-level 4.236) considering the 01 August ’20 high low price.

Coingape Experts Analysis  ON SAND 

The major competitor of $SAND is $MANA Decentraland. Although they are both metaverse projects with the former sitting in the second position and the latter in the first position as the best metaverse projects, they have some differences which include the following:

$SAND has 166,464 parcels of land while $MANA has 90,601 parcels of land. Also, Sandbox offers an easier choice for its users to purchase virtual land through the Sandbox marketplace and the OpenSea. On the other hand, Decentraland permits users to buy only from the MANA marketplace which sometimes causes issues for users when making transactions. 

In addition, when it comes to platform access, Sandbox is the best. The platform can be accessed from other social media platforms, email accounts, or Metamask wallets while Decentraland only uses a wallet connection.

Below are the projected price levels for the SAND token for 2022, 2023, and 2027.

Years Max high  min low
2022 projection $4.8658 $0.5175
2023 projection $6.5776 $59.30
2027 projection $402.2869 $22.23


Market Predictions for the Token

Holders of Metaverse tokens, including the SANDBOX token (SAND), recorded astronomical gains after the Facebook CEO announced the company’s new name on October 29, 2021. The SAND token increased by over 700% after the announcement, bringing its price to an all-time high of $8.4876 before the recent price correction we now see.

Let’s look into the price predictions for the SAND token by other market expert analytics web platforms.

DigitalCoinPrice Prediction

Analysts at DigitalCoinPrice predict the SAND token to breach the $2.86 price level at the close price of 2022 while maintaining a minimum price of $2.34 and a maximum price of $3.30. 


The DCP further predicts the SAND token to attain a minimum price reading of $2.34 and $3.30 in 2025.

WalletInvestor Predictions

Analysts at WalletInvestor are very optimistic with a positive bias towards the SAND token in the long term. According to the analysis, a $100 investment in SAND at $1.326 on 2022-05-16 would yield a profit of 1080.02% in 5 years.


According to the WI prediction platform, their AI cryptocurrency analyst forecasts a positive outlook towards the SANDBOX token SAND, hence you could include it in your portfolio.

CoinArbitrageBot Experts Prediction

The price prediction system at Coinarbitragebot forecast a $2.53117 closing price for the SANDBOX token at the end of 2022. Further three years price prediction for 2025 puts the SANDBOX at a maximum price for the SAND token at $14.8171, and the lowest SAND price at $0.30754, while an earlier 2024 price prediction sets the price of the SAND token to close at $6.62641.

Longforecast Prediction

Analysis by LongForecast (LF) suggests a minimum price value for the SAND token at $0.33 and a maximum price of $1.33 in May. For the 2023 market prediction, the LF platform maintains a slightly bullish bias towards the SAND token as they expect the price to find resistance at the $2.01 mark and a minimum price at $1.75.

The LF predictive platform projects a closing price of $1.84 at the end of MAY 2023, and June 2024 highest and lowest prices at $2.81 and $2.45, respectively.



Q: What is the current value of Sandbox Token? 

At the time of writing, the Sandbox token is worth $1.3228. 


Q: Is It Secure And Profitable To Invest In Sandbox? 

Cryptocurrencies are generally volatile in both bull and bearish seasons. However, the current bear market offers the Sandbox token at a discount which would yield massive gains after the markets recovers.  


Q: Will Sandbox Crash? 

According to analysis and predictions from different sources, it is very unlikely to see the price of the SAND token go to zero. In other words, our analysis reveal that the Sandbox project cannot crash. 

Q: What is the most important chart pattern on the SANDUSDT?   

The SAND token is in a corrective ABC Elliot wave market structure and the impending impulse wave yet to form after the ABC correction wave is what we believe to be a significant chart formation to look out for.


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