Finy Tron Due Contract Audit

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  • November 14, 2020

audit Description



NOTE: The system used is called ROI and it is considered HIGH-RISK. The system will pay dividends from deposits of other users. Users can get dividends and referral commission. Do always invest with proper knowledge and investigation.

Function Report:

Read and write features on Tronscan is designed to assist users in interacting with any smart contract deployed onto the Tron blockchain. The functions and nature of the smart contract are defined by the developers of the smart contract respectively.

Read Functions:

  1. BASE_PERCENT:Showing basic daily percentage. In this case it has been set to 1.5% per “Time Step”
  2. CONTRACT_BALANCE_STEP:Contract balance step has been set to 500,000 TRX
  3. INVEST_MIN_AMOUNT:Showing the minimum investment amount which is set to 200 TRX
  4. MARKETING_FEE:Showing marketing fee of the project, which is 7%
  5. PERCENTS_DIVIDER:Showing percent divider in the contract which is 1000
  6. PROJECT_FEE:Showing marketing fee of the project, which is 2%
  7. REFERRAL_PERCENTS: Showing referral levels percent [three levels 3%, 2%, and 1% using 0, 1, 2]
  8. RESERVE_FEE: Showing reserve fee of the project, which is 1%
  9. TIME_STEP: Showing time step, which is set to 1 day (86400)
  10. backBalance: Showing the back balance of the contract
  11. getContractBalance: Showing the current contract balance
  12. getContractBalanceRate: Showing the current contract balance percentage
  13. getUserAmountOfDeposits: Total number of deposits by an address
  14. getUserAvailable: Available amount for withdraw for an address
  15. getUserCheckpoint: First deposit date and time made by user in Unix Timestamp format
  16. getUserDepositInfo: Get user’s deposit info using user’s address and deposit number[starts from 0]
  17. getUserDividends: Showing users dividends using wallet address
  18. getUserPercentRate: Showing user’s current percent rate using the wallet address
  19. getUserReferralBonus: Showing user’s referral bonus using the wallet address
  20. getUserReferrer: Check user’s referrer using the wallet address
  21. getUserTotalDeposits: Showing the user’s total deposit amount using the wallet address
  22. getUserTotalWithdrawn: Showing the user’s total withdrawn using the wallet address
  23. isActive: Checking if the user is still getting dividends or reached 200% profit
  24. marketingAddress: Showing marketing wallet address of the contract
  25. projectAddress: Showing project wallet address of the contract
  26. reserveAddress: Showing reserve wallet address of the contract
  27. totalDeposits: Showing total number of deposits
  28. totalInvested: Total invested amount
  29. totalUsers: Total number of users participated in
  30. totalWithdrawn: Total withdrawn from the contract

Write Functions:

  1. invest: Deposit(invest) in the contract

Usage: Depositing (investing) into the smart contract. Can also use a referral link.

Who can use this function: Everybody

  1. withdraw: Withdraw dividends

Usage: Withdrawing available dividends and referral bonus(if any)

Who can use this function: Only investors ( deposited wallets)


Requested Audits:

Backdoor check: The contract is 100% decentralized and there is no backdoor for transferring contract balance, changing the functions or any other way has been found.