BNB ROIHUB Smart Contract Audit

Disclaimer: This report does not indicate the participation of Codeum in the project. The report only applies to the contract address mentioned and is meant to be used only for the specified project.

Project Info

Overal Description:

BNBROIHUB is an ROI Smart Contract that pays up to 200%(deposit included) on your investment. It has 6 referral levels which pays 5%, 2%, 1%, 1%, 0.5% and 0.5% on your referral deposit. The Contract’s basic daily ROI is 1.5% per day but it also has “hold-bonus”, “contract-bonus”. BNBROIHUB contract can pay up to 4% to your deposit.

Hold Bonus: Not withdrawing for 24 hours will add 0.1% to your daily ROI (The maximum hold bonus is 1.5%.)

Contract Bonus: For every 100 BNB on the contract daily ROI will add 0.1%

  1. The maximum contract bonus is 1%.
  2. Contract Codintions

    The contract calculates 200% return on every investment. The basic ROI is 1.5% daily and 2 other bonuses to add to daily ROI.

    1. The minimum deposit = 0.01 BNB
    2. The maximum deposit = 500 BNB

    Owner’s Fee


    Write Contract:

    The BNBROIHUB smart-contract has only 3 write functions. These functions are:

    1. invest

    Deposit(invest) in the contract

    Depositing (investing) into the smart contract. Can also use a referral link.

    2. withdraw

    Withdraw from the contract

    Withdrawing dividends from the contract

    3. reinvest

    reinvest withdraw-able dividends and adds new deposit for the user


NOTE: The system used is called ROI and it is considered HIGH-RISK. The system will pay dividends from deposits of other users. Users can get dividends and referral commission. Do always invest with proper knowledge and investigation.

Codeum Score

Codeum score


In the BNBROIHUB Smart-Contract were found no vulnerabilities and no backdoors. The code was manually reviewed for all commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities.

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  • January 29, 2023