BNBMind Contract Audit By Codeum

Disclaimer: This report does not indicate the participation of Codeum in the project. The report only applies to the contract address mentioned and is meant to be used only for the specified project.

Project Info

Overal Description:

The BNBMind is an ROI Smart Contract that pays up to 200%(deposit included) on your investment. It has 3 levels of referral program which pays 5%, 2% and 0.5% on your referral deposit. The Contract’s basic daily ROI is 1% per day but it also has “hold-bonus” and “contract-bonus”. 

Hold-Bonus: Not withdrawing for 24 hours will add 0.1% to your daily ROI

Contract-Bonus: for every 100 BNB on the contract daily ROI for every user will add 0.1%

For example if you don’t withdraw for 10 days and contract has 150 BNB on it’s balance your daily ROI for all these day will calculated 2.2% per day.

Owner’s Fee

5% Project fee + 5% Marketing fee

NOTE: The system used is called ROI and it is considered HIGH-RISK. The system will pay dividends from deposits of other users. Users can get dividends and referral commission. Do always invest with proper knowledge and investigation.

Under the “Write Contract” tab, users can perform function written in the solidity smart contract. An example of a function written in the smart contact is the “Deposit” or “Invest” function. To get overal information about contract users can use “ReadContract” tab.

Write Contract:

The BNBMind smart-contract has only 2 write functions. These functions are:

1. withdraw

Withdraw from the contract

Withdrawing dividends from the contract

2. invest

Deposit(invest) in the contract

Depositing (investing) into the smart contract. Can also use a referral link.

Read Contract:

BNBMind smart-contract have 34 read functions. With these functions website/users can get contract’s data.


2.getUserDividends: Showing user’s dividends using the address

3.getContractBalancePercent: Showing contract balance percent

4.getUserAvailable: Check if the user has participated or not

5.getUserPercentRate: Showing user’s current percent rate using the address

6. started: Check if contract started or not

7.getUserHoldPercent: Showing user’s current hold bonus using the address

8.TIME_STEP: Showing time step, 1 day

9.getUserReferrer: Check user’s referrer by address

10.projectAddress: Showing Tronomi token address

11.PROJECT_FEE: Showing project fee

12.totalWithdrawn: Total withdrawn of the contract

13.totalInvested: Total invested amount

14.REFERRAL_PERCENTS: Showing referral levels percent [using 0, 1, 2]

15.BASE_PERCENT: Showing basic daily percent

16.CONTRACT_BALANCE_STEP: Contract balance step is 100 BNB

17.getContractBalance: Showing contract balance

18.totalDeposits: Showing total deposits

19.getUserTotalDeposits: Showing the user’s total deposit

20.isActive: Checking if the user is still getting dividends or reached 200%

21.marketingAddress: Showing marketing address

22.getUserAmountOfDeposits: Showing the number of deposits by user

23.MARKETING_FEE: Showing marketing fee of the project

24.totalUsers: Showing the total number of users

25.getUserDepositInfo: Showing ROI plans [using 0, 1, 2, 3]

26.getUserCheckpoint: Showing users checkpoint using the address and deposit number [0,1,2…]

27.INVEST_MIN_AMOUNT: Showing the minimum investment amount, 0.01 BNB

28.getUserReferralBonus: Showing the user’s referral bonus

29.getUserTotalWithdrawn: Showing the user’s total withdrawn

30.getContractBalanceRate: Showing contract balance rate

Codeum Score

Codeum score


In the BNBMind Smart-Contract were found no vulnerabilities and no backdoors. The code was manually reviewed for all commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities.

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  • August 13, 2022